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Are you having a problem finding software that:-
  • will do exactly what you want, when you want, and how you want
  • is easy to use
  • doesn't collapse in an untidy heap if you look sideways at it
  • lets you get on with running your business instead of having to run your software

BDB Computer Systems has been providing Custom Software since 1982.  We will be happy to discuss your requirements with you.


Software design

Towards the end of the 1980's it became apparent that, whilst there was a fair number of commercially available accounting systems suitable for small to medium businesses, most of them were either over-priced, over-rated, under-developed, or under-supported - or all of the above. So we started to develop our own system - strictly for our own in-house use. However, no sooner was it under way than we were obliged to start polishing it for public consumption. That was effectively the birth of the ABACUS Accounting System, which, nearly 20 years down the line is still in use in many of the original sites, and is still being installed for new clients. This in spite of its being an "archaic" DOS-based system.


We believe that the reasons for ABACUS's continued popularity lie in its ease of use, its robustness, and of course its price. It continues as always, except that these days it can (and does) run on anything from an old 286 stand-alone machine, up to Windows XP networks with Pentium workstations. In addition to the standard ABACUS system, we continue to provide customised software for clients who need more than the standard package program.


Download ABACUS Specification Sheets in MS Word (60k) format.